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Movie theater owner in a small town. One wife. Two kids. Four pets. A bicyclist who has been tempted to the dark side to travel by scooter cross country.


The author is President of Eagle Theater, located in Robinson, Illinois. Gubelman grew up in Robinson, and spent 25 years elsewhere, including the small Illinois communities of Virginia, Polo, and Freeport.

For many of those years, he was a journalist at weekly papers. His allotted 15 minutes of fame include escorting author Calvin Trillin around Beardstown, Illinois, and providing help to author Axel Madsen for a book about 60 Minutes. Gubelman had a nanosecond of fame as a 1992 candidate for the Illinois State Senate, when he spent $180,000 of other people's money to lose a race to Todd Sieben in northwest Illinois, an honorable man despite being afflicted as a Republican.

Before returning to his hometown in 2001, Gubelman also served as a mayoral assistant in Freeport, Illinois and as Director of Employer Services for the Freeport Health Network. Around the turn of the century, he and partner Dean Wright started the Freeport iNK, an alternative weekly newspaper, which brought the pair local fame and not much fortune.

For two very long years, Gubelman was a grant writer for his hometown school district before helping start the Eagle Theater, a five-screen theater just west of Monical's and east of Pizza Hut if you navigate by fast food.

Looking for showtimes? Head over to, where there is also a nifty history of the founding of the theater.